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Here we have placed a number of leopard gecko pictures sized to 1024x768. Which makes the photos ideal for backgrounds. Save the Pics by clicking on the thumb nail, which will open a larger image, then right click and save image.

Blaze Poster Tremper Patternless Albino
Tremper Patternless Albino Leopard Gecko photo

Here is a picture of 'Blaze' our Patternless Albino Female.

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Storm Poster Tremper Blazing Blizzard
 Leopard Gecko Blazing Blizzard  photo

Here is a picture of 'Storm' our Male Blazing Blizzard.

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Snowball Poster Snake Eyed Blazing Blizzard
Snake eyed Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko Photograph

This photo is of 'Snowball' our Female Snake Eyed Blazing Blizzard.

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Sol Poster Male Tangerine Albino
Male Tangerine Albino leopard gecko pics

Here is a picture of 'Sol' one of our tangerine albinos.

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Dixie Poster Super Hypo Carrot Tail
Super Hypo Carrot Tail leopard gecko photograph

This photo is of 'Dixie' a Super hypo Carrot Tailed female we hatched in 2004.

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Jungle albino leopard gecko Poster Jungle Albino Giant
Jungle Albino Giant picture

Jungle Albino Giant Male purchased in Sept 05.

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Jungle albino female leopard gecko Poster Jungle Albino Giant
Jungle Albino Giant picture

Jungle Albino Giant Female Leopard Gecko.

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A number of people have emailed requesting prints from these photographs, below I have listed a size and guide price table. The developing prices on the larger prints will hopefuly be reduced in the future. Use the poster icon listed next to each of the pictures to enquire on the current sizes available and developing costs.

Print Size and Price
12x8 inch 4.99
18x12 inch 9.99
24x16 inch 14.99
Huge 36x24 inch 24.99

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