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This page shows the "leopard geckos for sale" that we currently have, We attempt to keep the status of the available Leopard Geckos right up to date, however some pictures or weights may be slightly out. We take photos of the leopard geckos we have for sale every few weeks. When we update the individual weights we record the dates of the weigh in below...

If you have any questions rearding our geckos or you are interested in purchasing any of the following Leo's then please use the email link below.

Email Steve

Leopard Gecko Morph Key
Super Hypo
Carrot Tail
High Yellow
Mack Snow

** Weights correct as of 07/01/07 **

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We currently have no available leopard geckos, however we are expecting 2006 hatchlings to be available around July time.

We currently have some hatchling listed
on the hatchlings page!

We would like to thank those who have purchased
leo's from us and wish you all the best in the coming season.

Don't forget you can use the waiting list link below to show an interest in future available hatchlings.

Check out the hatchling page now!

Would you like to preview some of the hatchlings from this season, look here! Hatchling Guide
Would you like to check which of our
Leos are the parents of which hatchling,
If so use the Parent Guide button to the right.
Hatchling Guide
Are you looking for a morph that is not currently on the available page? Do you want to be informed when new morphs are available? register your interest in future breeding projects here!!! Hatchling Guide

Payment terms and conditions

Leopardgecko.co.uk will not sell an unhealthy animal, all offspring will be healthy and feeding before being sold!. You will be able to contact us via email or phone any time after you have received your Gecko for help or guidance as we will always be more than happy to help in any way we can.
Payment can be made by cheque, postal order, cash or paypal. In order to reserve a specific animal for a period of time (5 or more days) a non-refundable 20% deposit will be required. If paying by cheque / postal orders funds will be cleared in full before delivery or collection (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) takes place.
Delivery can be arranged, the cost of delivery is based on the fuel costs. If you are interested in having your leo's delivered then please let us know where abouts you are located so that we can quote you a delivery charge.

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