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Leopard Gecko Care sheet

Leopard Geckos in the wild originate from Pakistan, Afghanistan and northwestern India. They are nocturnal which means they should be active mostly at night but during the day our geckos tend to be inquisitive and take a wander around their homes to see what's going on. They belong to the family Eublepharidae, which includes all geckos that have movable eyelids. Their scientific name is Eublepharis macularius, which translates to 'true eyelid spotted', personally I prefer Leopard Gecko.

Leopard Geckos are one of the most hardy of the gecko species available, combining this with the fact that their husbandry is quite simple and even the novice reptile enthusiast can have great success in keeping and breeding this interesting species of gecko makes this reptile an ideal choice for beginers and experts alike. We will try to give you the benefit of our acquired experience in the following pages of our care sheet.

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